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  • Airbus Military C295 AWACS: Will It Take Off?
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:41 AM on May 18, 2011

    Airbus Military as early as next month could be flying a C295 prototype modified for use as an airborne early warning and control system following a self-funded technology assessment effort.

    Three months of flight testing are planned, says Miguel-Angel Morrell Fuentes, Airbus Military Head of Engineering.

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    (Photo: Airbus Military concept)

    It is a crowded market, but Airbus hopes that the operating cost benefits for the C295 will help it secure customers. 

    The feasibility study was launched in the second half of last year and concluded around year end, before a decision was taken to build the prototype.

    The dummy rotodome was installed on the C295 on May 17. It measures around 6 meters in diameter. Airbus Military has opted for a rotodome because it provides better performance with 360 deg. coverage, Morrell says. 

    Flight testing will look at the drag effects of the radar. 

    No specific radar has been selected at this point. Those decisions would not be made until the company decides to actually launch a program. The engineering assessment of flight testing first needs to be completed.

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