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  • Wooden Wonder Flies Again
    Posted by Graham Warwick 5:25 AM on Sep 28, 2012

    It has a composite structure, reduced radar cross-section and twin engines, and it has just flown in New Zealand. No, the Kiwis are not re-equipping their air force in secret. But warbird restoration specialist Avspecs has just flown de Havilland Mosquito FB.26, serial KA114, in Auckland after an eight-year rebuild.

    Video: Historic Aviation Film Unit

    Ahhh, de Havilland, as Uncle Roger of Flight fame would say. It is the first time a Mosquito has flown, anywhere, for at least 15 years, and KA114 is to join Jerry Yagen's Military Aircraft Museum in Virginia Beach. Built in Downsview, Ontario, and delivered in 1945, the aircraft was rescued from a Canadian farm. Here's how KA114 looked when it arrived at Avspecs in 2004...

    Photo: Avspecs

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