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  • Airbus Military's A400M Makes Quiet Progress
    Posted by Robert Wall 12:29 PM on Oct 25, 2011

    When Airbus fielded the A380, it was late, but what most people remarked on was how quiet the aircraft was.

    Now Airbus Military is trying to repeat that feat with the A400M (the late part, it has already achieved). Airbus Military chief test pilot, Ed Strongman, notes that results on cabin noise have been so good, the A400M will not require an active noise-suppression system that was expected to be used on the aircraft. The result is a saving of more than 200 kg of equipment.

    The change was made even before MSN006, the first A400M with what approximates an operational cabin, takes to the air. The cabin noise on current flight-test aircraft is higher.

    Meanwhile, Airbus is still assessing when the A400M should fly as it works to finalize the aircraft's type certification and entry-into-service next year. More on that situation here.

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