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  • Support the F136!
    Posted by Sean Meade 4:59 PM on Sep 01, 2009

    Support the F136! That's GE's message. It could be I haven't noticed it before, but it seems like the effort is picking up. The tipping point for me was seeing an ad for it in my Gmail:

    Support the F136 Engine
    Let your Senator know you support the F136 competitive engine program

    We had a comment from a GE employee on Behind The Battle Of The Generals (page 6, scroll down), too:

    To reiterate what Mr. Sweetman posted earlier, Gen. Michael Hough, USMC (retired), is not on the payroll for either GE or Rolls-Royce, and is not acting as a paid spokesman for either company. His comments in the 'Competition for the JSF Engine? - It Never Happened!' blog post represent his independent views on the subject.

    For our take on the issues, go to

    George McLaren
    Communications Director
    GE Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team

    And that website includes, among other things, 'Tell your Senator you support he F136 engine program' and the F136 Twitter account.

    Regardless of your position, it's interesting to watch how industry attempts to influence decision making in this day and age...

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