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  • Australia Updates 'Name and Shame' List
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:36 AM on Oct 15, 2010

    Australia has issued the latest iteration of its "projects of concern" list. The list highlights programs where the government is worried targets will not be met.

    The SH-2 Seasprite was on that list before it was cancelled -- it is the only program of 17 to now have had the dubious distinction of being on the list to have been done away with.

    The list cuts across industry. Boeing's Wedgetail effort is on the list, Airbus Military's KC-30 tanker is too -- both programs are late to plan, although are nearing operator hands.

    One of the two new additions is a BAE Systems effort to upgrade the AP-3C's electronic support measures system. That is now 18 months late, the Australian defense ministry points out.

    More serious may be the outlook for the other new addition, the Joint Project 2048 Phase 1A to field landing craft. "The six watercraft have not been able to prove they meet the needs for their operational roles," the defense ministry says. What is more, defense minister for materiel, Jason Clare, in a statement has these words to say that sound rather ominous: "I am expecting advice from [the defense ministry] in the near-future recommending what action needs to be taken on the project."

    Here is the current, full list of bad boys in Australian defense modernization:


    Collins Class Submarine Sustainment and Projects

    AIR 5077

    Phase 3

    ‘Wedgetail’ Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft

    SEA 1448

    Phase 2B

    Anti-Ship Missile Defence radar upgrades for ANZAC Class Frigates

    JOINT 2043

    Phase 3A

    High Frequency Modernisation (HFMOD) – communications and data exchange capability for sea, air and land forces

    AIR 5333

    ‘Vigilare’ – Aerospace surveillance and command and control system

    JOINT 129

    Phase 2

    Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – airborne surveillance for land forces

    LAND 121

    Phase 3

    ‘Overlander’ replacement field vehicles, trailers and modules for land forces (‘Medium Heavy’ class of vehicles only)

    JOINT 2070

    Lightweight torpedo replacement for ANZAC and ADELAIDE Class Frigates

    AIR 5402

    Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft – Air to Air Refuelling Capability

    JOINT 2048

    Phase 1A

    LCM2000 Watercraft for Landing Platform Amphibious ships

    AIR 5276

    Phase 8B

    Electronic Support Measures upgrade for AP-3C Orion aircraft

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