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  • French Forces Account for Libya Missiles Fired, Bombs Dropped
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:50 AM on Oct 14, 2011

    With the air war over Libya more or less over -- some missions are still being flown with ordnance expended -- the French air force is ready to acknowledge the entry into service of the infrared-guided version of the AASM air-to-ground weapon built by Safran's Sagem unit. It was used in Libya for the first time.

    In total, French combat aircraft used 225 AASMs, both standard versions  and the IR-guided variant (shown here).

    blog post photo
    (Photo: Sagem)

    French forces also fired 15 MBDA Scalp-ER cruise missiles. Additionally, 950 bombs were dropped by the French air force and navy.

    The French helicopter contingent also fired 431 HOT missiles.

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