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  • Iran Shows Off S-300/SA-20 in Tehran on Army Day
    Posted by David A. Fulghum 7:53 PM on Apr 19, 2010

    Iran held its “Army Day” parade in Tehran Sunday to show off troops camouflaged for snow and jungle and a fly over of five F-4 Phantoms.

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    But also in the procession were a series of floats representing new weapons including a series of unmanned aircraft. “Apparently, Iran has UAV disease, too,” grumbled a former U.S. Air Force chief of staff.  “I saw three UAV's but no fighters.” Also in the parade were two stealthy models – one of a UAV and another of a fighter – and an Iranian-made version of the U.S- designed Hawk air defense missile. But the biggest surprise was what appeared to be several canisters carrying Soviet-built, S-300 advanced, long-range air-and-missile defense missiles. Russia had contracted for, but not delivered, a number of the NATO-designated SA-20 weapons. But a better, close-up picture shows what appears to be a non-traditional transporter, erector, launchers carrying several tubes of welded together oil drums to simulate S-300 canisters.

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