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  • Hamas Uses "Medicine Grenades" to Kill Israeli Soldiers
    Posted by David Eshel 3:31 PM on Feb 17, 2009

    According to the Jerusalem Post report, Hamas seems to be down ro extreme measures in fighting Israeli soldiers. Apparently the Islamists threw used medicine bottles, turned into improvised "grenades" refilled with explosives and by drilling holes into the caps, Hamas installed detonation fuses, some even using medical syringes as holders.

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    Hamas "explosive doll" Booby Trap  IDF photo

    The medicine bottles are manufactured by the Jerusalem Phamaceutical Company located at el-Bire near Ramallah in the West Bank. The original stuff was delivered by the humanitarian aid transports to the Gaza population, under the temporary cease fire during Operation Cast Lead, supplying urgent needs to Gaza hospitals tending the many wounded.

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    Hamas toy grenades on display similar to the medicine bottle grenades. zioneocon

    The IDF discovered several of these devices during searches in hidden weapons caches and sent them to military explosive experts, who dismantled and studied their contents. Some of the bottles originally contained a drug named Equetro, used by people suffering from bipolar disorder. Others included a vitamin supplement called Super-Vit. What Hamas weapons experts substituted was certainly no health product! The Jerusalem Post published exclusive photos of some of the "explosive bottles" apparently released by the Army Intelligence.

    During the offensive, the IDF encountered a variety of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that were manufactured by Hamas and Islamic Jihad inside the Gaza Strip. Some were anti-personnel bombs and others were planted on the sides of roads or underground to be activated against IDF tanks and armored personnel carriers. Some of the IEDs were fitted with advanced wireless detonators and others were attached to a wire. In one instance, a Merkava Mk4 tank from Brigade 401 rolled over a large explosive device that lifted the tank in the air but did not cause any serious damage, due to a plate of reinforced steel that was installed on the tank before the operation.

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