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  • Luftwaffe: All Upside Down
    Posted by Robert Wall 2:23 PM on Mar 24, 2009

    The German air force is having a couple of quite forgettable days, having put two perfectly good looking aircraft on the ground, but wrong side up.

    On March 21, the service lost a UH-1D during a training operation in Norway. Four personnel were onboard the helo when it encountered heavy snow that caused the pilots to lose orientation. They made contact with the ground and crashed, leaving the UH-1D upside down. 

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    Then, yesterday, around 9 p.m. local time, a Luftwaffe Panavia Tornado belonging to the 33rd fighter-bomber wing suffered an accident on landing at the Buchel air base. The aircraft came off the runway and, by the time it came to rest, also was on its back.

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    Nobody was injured in the UH-1D accident, and both the pilot and weapons systems officer managed to eject from the Tornado, although both sustained injuries and were taken to hospital. Both incidents are now under investigation.

    [Photos: Luftwaffe]

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