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  • China Lake Witness Sees Mystery Launch
    Posted by David A. Fulghum 2:06 PM on Oct 15, 2009

    (Editor's note: the following message was received by AvWeek and we thought it was worth noting for discussion on the Ares community. It is reprinted here unedited.)


    You would have joined me in going crazy this morning - just after 0630 local as I was entering the traffic circle, directly ahead about 15/20 degrees above the horizon was a spectacular show. Looked like a rocket ship climbing then nosing over and then climbing again. The-conical appearing 'contrail' appeared more as 'fire' than smoke leaving nothing residual. It was awesome. I slowed as much as I could but 20 seconds later when I got to a place where I could pull over it was gone. Damn. Great show. It - not coincidently, perhaps - was in the general direction of Area 51. Hmmmmm. I'd thank the USAF if I thought anyone would acknowledge.

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    Bill Sweetman comments: Just after some of the first Aurora stories broke in late 1992, I got a letter postmarked in Ridgecrest, Calif. - next to China Lake - describing rocket-like departures seen in the direction of the Nellis test ranges. (Area 51 is about 150 miles northwest of China Lake.) It was signed "Grendel" - which made further investigation tricky in case I met the guy's Mom.

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