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  • France Still Mulling Dual-Mode Brimstone
    Posted by Robert Wall 12:31 PM on Mar 20, 2012

    The French military is still exploring whether to acquire the MBDA Dual-Mode Brimstone (DMB) used heavily by the Royal Air Force during last year's Libya air war.

    DMB is only one of several options being considered, though. The interest is driven mainly by the low-collateral-damage nature of the weapon, says MBDA CEO Antoine Bouvier.

    A French program would be developed for the air force, with the service undertaking a study examining other options. The French navy so far has not shown interest.

    If France goes ahead with the program, the U.K. weapon could be integrated on Rafale before the Eurofighter Typhoon. The U.K. has yet to fund integration of DMB on Typhoon; the weapon is currently used on Tornado GR4s.

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