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  • Anglo-French Nuclear Cooperation In the Offing?
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:21 AM on Oct 08, 2010

    The U.K. may be about to take another step back from full control of its own nuclear deterrent.

    According to a story out today in the Financial Times, London and Paris are discussion potential cooperation in the realm of nuclear warhead maintenance. The story, citing unnamed French and British officials, says French scientists wold help service British nuclear warheads.

    France and the U.K. have been in talks for some time on ways to expand their defense cooperation. France, for instance, is considering plugging an air refueling gap by leasing capacity from the U.K.'s FSTA fleet of Airbus A330 tankers once those are fielded.

    Whether the nuke deal will materialize is unclear. There were recent rumors the U.K. and France may share an aircraft carrier -- both countries want a second but can't afford it -- but that trial balloon didn't survive for long.

    Since the U.K. is already dependent on the U.S. for the nuclear warhead delivery system, the Trident missile, is relying on France to partly support the warheads just the next logical step, or is it a step too far?

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