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  • Australian Frigates Get Air Defense Upgrade
    Posted by Robert Wall 6:32 PM on Apr 02, 2009

    Thales will provide the Royal Australian Navy with radar enhancement to allow the Anzac-class frigates to more effectively perform air defense missions.

    The contract provides a user-license for the so called Mid-Course Guidance and Sampled Data Homing function. That system allows the ship’s radar to guide several missiles to engage different threats at the same time.

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    Thales originally developed the technology, which uses interrupted continuous wave illumination, for its own Active Phased Array Radar. APAR uses four phased arrays each with more than 3,000 transmit/receive modules to provide 360 deg. coverage.

    The multi-target engagement capability (using interrupted continuous wave illumination) was first demonstrated in 2003 by the Dutch navy on the De Zeven Provinciën, with live fire trials conducted the following year on the German navy’s Sachsen frigate. In both cases the technology is coupled with the Active Phased Array Radar. In 2011, Danish navy patrol ships are also supposed to start using APAR.

    The Australian implementation sees the Thales target engagement technology coupled with the CEA Technologies CEAFAR E/F-band phased-array radar. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force also will use the technology on its future destroyers and helicopter carriers, which again are fitted with a non-Thales radar.

    [Photo: Thales]

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