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  • Cyber Strategy More Of A Wish Than A Plan
    Posted by Paul McLeary 2:02 PM on Aug 01, 2011

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    With some fanfare, the Defense Department recently unveiled its first cyberstrategy, but any possibility of rapidly streamlining U.S. cyberoperations, establishing clear command and control or securing the freedom to use offensive cyberweapons is looking more like a wish than a plan.

    The underlying problems include a Byzantine network of defense and civilian organizations with conflicting cyber-responsibilities, a shortage of trained specialists and—most critical of all—no identifiable funding streams.

    Some longtime cyberwarriors, although muzzled by security constraints, say there is hope for improving the situation with a radical restructuring of cyberoperations on a Special Operation Command (Socom) model that provides tailored responses, fast reaction and institutional memory.

    Click on through to Aviation Week's Defense page to read the rest...

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