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  • Military Get Involved in France's Biggest Manhunt UPDATE
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 8:14 PM on Mar 19, 2012

    The DPSD intelligence agency that I wrote about in this month's issue of DTI has been put at the forefront of one of France's biggest manhunts in recent history to find a serial killer who, after killing one soldier in Toulouse a week ago Sunday and two others in nearby Montauban on Wednesday while shooting a fourth who is fighting for his life in hospital, today attacked a school in Toulouse killing a teacher and his two sons and the 10-year old daughter of the headmaster.

    The killings have been linked by the weapon, an 11.43mm gun, the same one in all three cases, and the modus operandi: the killer, wearing a motorcycle helmet, approached his victims on a scooter, shot them methodically and then drove off.

    The fact that three of the soldiers were of North African origin (one Roman Catholic, two Muslims) and the fourth (Roman Catholic) from the Caribbean while the school was a private Jewish school points to possible racist motivations to the killings.

    Because the soldier killed in a residential area of Toulouse was not in uniform but was a paratrooper of the 1st RTP and the three other victims were using a cash machine but were in uniform and members of the 17th parachute engineer regiment, the first people to eliminate from the DPSD and police inquiries are two soldiers who were dismissed from the 17th parachute engineer regiment in 2008 for neo-nazism.

    UPDATE: these soldiers have been questioned and cleared of any suspicion that they may have been involved in these shootings.

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