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  • Sukhoi-MiG Marriage May Be A Way Off
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 10:14 AM on Feb 13, 2009

    Maxim Pyadushkin writes:  The recent appointment of Sukhoi director general Mikhail Pogosyan as the leader of MiG Corporation raised expectations that these two companies would be finally merged under the umbrella of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). At Aero India 2009, Pogosyan represented both Sukhoi and MiG, and talked about the synergy between the two companies in training, after-sales support and development of future aircraft.


    Nevertheless, he said the full merger is not planned now. In the immediate future, the merger may only extend to joint MRO centers in customer countries or training facilities.


    But UAC boss Alexey Fedorov expressed the opposite intentions at the air show. He said that the two companies are to merge into a Combat Aircraft division within UAC in a year and half. However, the integration plan is not finalized yet. One problem is that UAC controls only 51% of the Sukhoi design bureau so negotiations with other shareholders like Rosoboronexport, Russia’s arms trade agency, might not be easy.


    UAC has already created a Transport Aircraft division based on the former Ilyushin design bureau and plans to have a commercial aircraft unit and subdivisions for strategic aviation (based on Tupolev design bureau) and amphibians (Beriev).

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