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  • Sweden Gives Gripen NG Another Boost
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:14 AM on Dec 01, 2011

    The Swedish government always said it would support any export customer for the Gripen NG by accelerating its own procurement plans for the latest iteration of the single-engine fighter. Current plans call for procurement of the Gripen NG for Sweden starting around 2017/18.

    A day after Switzerland committed to buying the aircraft, with a planned fielding in 2015, Stockholm is trying to make good on its commitment. A Swedish parliamentary committee has endorsed the idea of buying ten JAS-39E/Fs for the Swedish air force early. That effort will likely get full government endorsement next year.

    The exact configuration of the Gripen NG for Switzerland remains to be sorted out. That situation is actually raising some questions.

    Switzerland had indicated it would buy its Tiger replacement fighter off-the-shelf, with critics of the decision to go for Gripen saying the NG is not that. Dassault argues that "t
    he 'Swiss-tailored' Gripen only exists on paper. Its technical development and production risk significantly increasing the financial efforts required of the Swiss Authorities to accomplish the country's fighter aircraft program."

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