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  • Danes Return To Patrol Baltic Airspace
    Posted by Nicholas Fiorenza 1:02 PM on Sep 02, 2011

    Royal Danish Air Force F-16s began patrolling Baltic airspace today under NATO's air policing mission. On Aug. 31, four F-16s deployed from their home base of Skrydstrupe, Denmark, to Siauliai air base in Lithuania for a four-month rotation, relieving four French Mirage 2000Cs that had been conducting the mission since May 2.

    blog post photo
    Photo courtesy of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense (MoD)

    Meanwhile, the black box of the Lithuanian air force L-39ZA that crashed after colliding with one of the French Mirages on Aug. 30 has been recovered. A Lithuanian team is investigating the crash site in a forested swamp close to Siauliai. The investigation is being hampered because the swamp cannot be reached by heavy ground transport, so a Lithuanian air force Mi-8 is being used to recover the wreckage.

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    Crash site photo: Lithuanian air force and Giedrė Maksimovicz (MoD)


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