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  • Israel-based X-Band Radar Will Be Off-Limit to Israelis
    Posted by David Eshel 6:39 PM on Aug 19, 2008

    Sources in Israel have revealed that the FBX-T radar system, which Washington is proposing to position in Israel, will be operated entirely by American military personnel, to be stationed in a segregated location, off-limits to Israeli access (similar to the radar and missile bases in Poland and Czech Republic, and other US military bases worldwide). The radar station will be established in a remote area in the southern Negev desert. According to reports, the US crews will be seconded from US European Command early 2009 and start operating the station.

    The unprecedented strict "hands-off" proviso, which was reluctantly accepted by Israeli politicians, is regarded with extreme disfavor by IDF senior officers, who point to the fact that Israel has traditionally insisted that no foreign troops be stationed permanently in it's territory. Indeed, when the US Army dispatched Patriot missile batteries with their crews on temporary deployment during Operation Desert Storm, they were joined by IDF officers operating side-by-side with the American troops. Despite its reluctance to allow permanent deployment of foreign troops, Israel has provided storage facilities for US military hardware for over a decade.  

    The new radar will be part of a forward-deployed radar network operated by the US Missile defense Agency. In Israel, it is planned to be integrated into the IDF's current early-warning system, known as Green Pine and a component of the Arrow network, which has a range of 800-900 kilometers. Incidentally, the Israeli missile warning capability was tested recently, when Syria tested a series of its surface-to-surface missiles. It was immediately detected and monitored by Israel's Green Pine and the more advanced Great Pine radars, which alerted the Arrow anti-ballistic missile defense, but did not activate it, Israel Channel 2 reported yesterday (Monday August 18).

    Syria has recently test-launched a series of surface-to-surface missiles and rockets, Channel 2 news reported yesterday.

    Syria has some 1,000 Scud Type missiles in it's arsenal. According to Israeli intelligence, the Syrian missiles are capable of striking targets anywhere in Israel. Unconfirmed reports indicate that some of the missiles are fitted with chemical warheads, and that the Syrian Army may have conducted experiments with biological warheads as well.

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