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  • China Update
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 3:10 PM on Jan 20, 2011

    A few China-centered notes from the last couple of days:

    The blogger known as Feng - a regular at Galrahn's Information Dissemination - has an assessment of the J-20, with some very interesting insights on engine development and the competition between Chyengdu and Shenyang.

    Feng concludes that the PLA-AF could end up with a multi-level force for a long time to come, with J-20s at the high end and a stripped-down JF-17 making up the low part of the mix. "After all, you don't really need J-10s to protect the airspace against Kazakhstan or Mongolia."

    Air Power Australia, meanwhile, has updated its strategic assessment of the J-20. And retired USAF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance chief Lt. Gen. Dave Deptula has a new presentation on Chinese air power, online here.

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