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  • Israeli Air Force Approves Display System Concept for Elbit Systems Mission Training Center
    Posted by Noam Eshel 3:44 PM on Nov 04, 2010

    Elbit Systems announced that the Israel Air Force (IAF) has approved the "display system," a milestone for Elbit Systems’ mission training center for pilots of the IAF  F-16C/D and F-16I fighter aircraft.

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    The IAF approval is an important stage towards the establishment of a fully-fledged mission training center, being part of a $55 million contract previously awarded to Elbit Systems by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

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    The display system was set up in cooperation with Barco, a technology company that designs and develops visualization solutions. It includes a 360 degree field-of-view (FOV) simulating the experience of an F-16 crew member.

    The system resolution exceeds four arcmin/OLP for the full FOV and enables the pilots to "train as you fight”, as the systems' visualization emulates almost total reality.

    Elbit Systems Targo Helmet Mounted Avionics (HMA) will also be a part of the system. The Targo helps training aviators to master platforms and systems and covers all stages of the mission, including planning, rehearsal, flying and debriefing.

    The system is designed to train pilots in using a variety of mission scenarios and operational zones, and relevant threat-environments, within each zone, giving the IAF new training capabilities and true simulations of air mission reality.

    The training center will also allow the IAF to operate some of its training sorties onboard  the trainers, instead of on the fighter jets themselves, thus maximizing the use of existing resources.

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