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  • Where are the German Tigers?
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 7:29 AM on Jan 21, 2010

    To add to Robert's earlier post about Eurocopter:

    Lutz Berling said there was “interest by several countries in different regions of the world such as the Middle East,” who were interested in the Tiger combat helicopter particularly now that it is combat proven in Afghanistan. But he was coy about specifying which ones. He did say though that Australia has recognized that the Tiger has changed their operational scheme and would be likely to deploy it in 2011. He is presumably assuming that the conflict in Afghanistan will not be resolved by then.

    Another country which has Tigers, 11 to be precise, is Germany. But there doesn't seem to be any question of Germany deploying them to Afghanistan. For the moment they are apparently being used for training purposes at the joint Franco-German Tiger training school in Luc, a charming venue in the south of France. But my question is why did Germany buy these expensive birds if they're not using them in combat? It seems like a pricey way to train one's pilots particularly when there are very sophisticated simulators in Luc. Apparently there are not enough people to get the right paperwork signed in Germany and getting the Tiger combat-ready issue is not a priority in Berlin.

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