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  • Jones Going, Gates Next, Then Who?
    Posted by Michael Bruno 2:55 AM on Oct 09, 2010

    The revelation today that National Security Adviser James Jones, a retired USMC commandant, Vietnam veteran and former NATO military chief, is leaving is not necessarily surprising ... but it does highlight the fact that next year could see significant turnover in the Obama administration's national security team (see C-Span video here).

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates has made clear he will leave next year - also not a surprise - but with him who knows who else might leave inside the Pentagon? Gates has been a marquee leader and whoever gets left behind has to still do the hard work without the celebrity spotlight.

    And, of course, there's Capitol Hill. If Republicans take over the House, as many believe they will, it will mean new leadership and new membership on the committees dealing with defense issues.  It is starting to look like the whole Washington landscape could be significantly different in a short period of time.

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