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  • Sweden Further Increases Afghanistan Equipage
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:28 AM on Aug 18, 2009

    The Swedish defense ministry is trying to bolster the equipment standard of its forces deployed to Afghanistan, including more than doubling the number of RG32 light armored patrol vehicles in country.

    The military currently has 15 RG32s in Afghanistan, but plans to send around 20 more in the coming months. The army has been working on the plan to increase the presence since the winter.


    blog post photo


    (Photo: Swedish MOD)

    Also on tap is an increase in night vision equipment and machine guns, the military says.

    The plan calls for 18 RG32s equipped with Type 58 machine guns to be provided to Operational Mentoring and Liaison Teams. The configuration allows crew to fire the weapon without exposing themselves to hostile fire outside the vehicle.

    The Swedish armed forces say the move comes after it has already sent Combat Vehicle 90s and unmanned aircraft to bolster its military commitment to Afghanistan. Moreover, the armed forces note that additional equipment increases are possible given the expected long-term.

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