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  • F-22 Pilot Dies in Crash
    Posted by Robert Wall 7:52 AM on Mar 26, 2009

    Just to update our story on the F-22 crash yesterday at Edwards AFB.

    Lockheed Martin and the Air Force, overnight, have confirmed that their test pilot, David Cooley, tragically died in the accident.

    Cooley, a former F-22 test pilot already in the Air Force, started working at Lockheed in 2003. He was 49. The aircraft was on a test mission.

    This is the fourth Class A accident with F-22s since the fighter went operational, one in fiscal 2003, another in fiscal 2004, and a third in fiscal 2005 – the only other aircraft destroyed since the aircraft went operational was in the 2005 accident; the pilot survived.

    Because of the relatively small F-22 fleet, the latest accident will likely cause a spike in the F-22 Class A accident rate.

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