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  • Quite Simple, Really
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 7:55 PM on Apr 21, 2011

    Do we make defense procurement issues too complex sometimes? From a Canadian community newspaper...

    If F-35 is best, there's nothing to fear from tender process

    Dear Editor:

    As a small business owner, I have occasion, from time to time, to respond to Requests for Quotation or Requests for Proposal issued by the Government of Canada. Although what I offer is specialized consulting with respect to disabilities, I still have to compete for those contracts.

    The competitive procurement process is to ensure that Canadians get the best value for their tax dollars.

    With respect to the F-35 fighter, MP Gordon O'Connor stated to the editorial board of the Ottawa Citizen that his data as to costs and the rationale for the sole-source procurement came from the air force. If, in fact, the F-35 is the best fighter for the job, then there is nothing to fear from a competitive tender process.

    No doubt Mr. O'Connor will respond that it is a lengthy and time-consuming business to prepare and submit all the requisite paperwork. Yes, it is. I've done it myself a number of times with no guarantees that I will be successful.

    Apart from all the technological and operational questions hanging over the aircraft itself, I would really like to know why a supplier of pencils has to undergo a more rigorous risk management review for business amounting to thousands of dollars, while the Harper Government is prepared to spend billions with no risk management process at all.

    Karen Sinclair
    Kanata, Ontario

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