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  • Sweden Expected to Improve Kit in Afghanistan
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:50 AM on Dec 10, 2008

    A small unmanned aircraft and more Combat Vehicle 90 armored vehicles should be sent to Afghanistan, says Sweden's army inspector Maj. Gen. Berndt Grundevik.

    He is basing his recommendations on an after-action analysis of attacks in November. In an attack on November 7, two to three rocket propelled grenades were fired at Swedish troops in northern Afghanistan, with another encounter a day later.

    blog post photo
    (credit: Swedish MOD)

    To help better protect forces, Grundevik reports that “at least three additional CV90 armored vehicles should be provided to have further freedom of movement.” Sending the vehicles would provide armored vehicles for all deployed units.

    Moreover, Grundevik says the Swedish military wants to fill its long-standing need for better reconnaissance tools in Afghanistan. Preparations are underway to field a “lightweight UAV system.” The initial detachment will be for trials and evaluation.

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