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  • Is Libya Hobbled by Afghanistan?
    Posted by Robert Wall 6:16 PM on Jul 13, 2011

    There is a feeling among some military planners involved in the Libya operation that planning of the campaign is being tainted by years of involvement in Afghanistan.

    Too many decisions, including targeting, are being looked at through a counter-insurgency lens rather than applying a state-on-state conflict mentality, bemoans one military planner. He argues that the conflict playing out in north Africa is more appropriately viewed as state-on-state war, which brings with it a different mindset when it comes to how to employ force.

    If that assessment is correct, and corroborated in any after-action assessment of the Libya campaign, it could indicate a longer-term problem militaries will have in freeing their future thinking from a decade of war in Afghanistan.

    Tags: ar99, AfPak, Libya

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