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  • So, What's the F-35 News?
    Posted by Sean Meade 1:50 PM on Sep 01, 2009

    We continue to have valuable commenters who complain that our F-35 criticisms are not "news" (see In Fort Worth, Gates Supports F-35, Opposes F136). And I continue to reiterate that they are. Here's another perspective on why.

    The point that Bill and others of us continue to make is that F-35 will not be (almost can't be, given the laws of physics) on time or budget (and the Stovl B-variant could be even more problematic) and that is going to have massive ramifications in the U.S. Air Force...Defense Department...federal government...and partner nations.

    We can all agree that the question is not whether it will live (which I, too, view as politically a done deal) or whether its customers view it as the best solution (though whether it IS the best solution is still vigorously debated).

    To put it another way, the news is this: a customer has placed an order for eggs with one supplier. It is virtually certain that nowhere near all of the eggs will be shipped and that the single basket in which they will be placed has holes. This certainly foreshadows problems for the customer for many years to come.

    It's news now and will be for a long time.

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