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  • NATO Deploys KFOR Operational Reserve Force
    Posted by Nicholas Fiorenza 3:24 PM on Aug 02, 2011

    NATO is deploying the Operational Reserve Force (ORF) of its Kosovo Force (KFOR) following the unrest at the border crossing with Serbia, which started at the end of last month.

    KFOR deployed roughly 1,000 troops already in Kosovo to the border area and has removed roadblocks put up by Kosovo Serbs.

    blog post photoPhoto: Bundeswehr/Thorsten T.

    The ORF is an over-the-horizon force that is currently provided by Germany (550 troops) and Austria (150). It has crowd-control capabilities, and its ready elements can deploy within seven days and its standby elements within two weeks.

    NATO's Joint Force Command Naples, KFOR's operational headquarters, ordered the deployment of the ORF on Aug 1.

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