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    Posted by Douglas Barrie 1:36 PM on Mar 04, 2009


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    The British Defense Ministry and BAE Systems have agreed to a £450 million ($634 million) contract covering support of the air force’s Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft over the next five years.

    The Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) contract reflects the air force’s continuing shift toward a partnering approach to aircraft maintenance, using a front and depth model supported by industry.

    The initial TAS contract is expected to be followed by a further 10-year deal, taking onboard any lessons that may emerge from the first five-year program.

    The formal Typhoon out of service date is 2029, though the aircraft is widely expected to service at least a decade beyond this date, if not more. The TAS will be centered at RAF Coningsby, The contract will create 150 jobs and sustain a further 350.

    Picture Credit SAC Scott Lewis/MoD Crown Copyright

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