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  • Malaysia To acquire Turkish 8x8 Pars APC Production
    Posted by Noam Eshel 3:36 PM on Apr 26, 2010

    The Malaysian Defense ministry selected the Malaysian company DRB-Hicom Defence Technologies (Deftech) as prime contractor to locally produce and supply 257 8x8 wheeled armored personnel carriers worth about US$2.5 billion with unit cost estimated at about $9.8 million.

    Based on the Turkish 8x8 Pars wheeled armored vehicle, the Pars was developed and produced by the Turkish company Savunma Sistemleri AS (FNSS), Ankara. The original vehicle design was made by the US General Purpose Vehicles (GPV) company, in New Haven, Michigan. The prototype APC is expected to be delivered for testing to the Malaysian Army by 2011.

    Deftech is to build 12 variants from the base vehicle, including personnel carrier, anti-tank weapon carrier, command and control and anti-aircraft weapon vehicles.

    The Malaysian APC version will be equipped with a two-man manned turret, to be developed and produced by Denel Pty South Africa, while the local Sapura Thales Electronics (STE) will be the electronics system integrator.

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    The Pars has a modular design and can include various armament fits such as external and turret mounted weapons. The vehicle can accommodate single- or two-man turrets as well as remotely operated weapon stations and specific mission equipment. The vehicle is normally operated by a crew of two and can carry up to 12 troops or eight tons of payload. An advanced, active hydropneumatic suspension system, with electrically controlled variable height enables adjustable ground-clearance and a central tire inflation system. Pars is powered by the Deutz 530hp diesel engine, which producers claim has a 1500km unrefueled operating range. The vehicle can be airlifted inside C17 or future A400 transport aircraft.

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    Photo credits: FNSS

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