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  • Singapore Technologies Kinetics-Asian Armor King
    Posted by Sean Meade 3:18 PM on Feb 09, 2009

    Solomon Shorter writes:

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    (Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  Courtesy

    Singapore Technologies Kinetics, also known as ST Kinetics, has flown under the radar of many observers.  ST Kinetics is the land system and vehicle arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering.  As essentially the sole supplier of weapons and weapon systems to the Singapore Armed Forces, they have established themselves as a formidable, forward looking and dynamic company apparently ready to take on the world’s well known defense firms.

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    (Bionix II IFV on a field exercise, courtesy

    The line up of ST Kinetics vehicles is impressive.  The Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle has classic lines, is powered by a 475 hp diesel engine, has a top road speed of 70 km/h and is in every way equal to products being produced in Europe and the United States.  It mounts a Turreted Mk44 30mm Cannon with a 7.62mm MG mounted coaxially.  An additional 7.62mm MG is or can be mounted at the Vehicle Commander’s station and it has an impressive 19.2 horsepower/ton.

    The Singapore Army is fielding a “Battlefield Management System (BMS)” which is their solution to the C4I problem.  Their self described 3rd Generation Army is based on the thought that precise maneuver, information and strike will lead to victory on anticipated battlefields of the future.  The BMS is assessable via a ruggedized PC and transmits information thru a AH Integrator improved Data Modem.  The Bionix II IFV is considered the centerpiece of the Singapore Army’s transformation.


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    (Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicle, courtesy

    The Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicle, is another offering from ST Kinetics which is indicative of their desire to become a major player in the world’s defense industry.  It has a 400 hp diesel engine, is fully amphibious with a water speed of 10 km/h and is offered with a 12.7mm gun.  Alternatively, the turret system from the Bionix II IFV can be mounted if desired by the customer.

    After ST Kinetics Bronco ATTC beat out the BVS-10 in the UK to become a prime mover for forces deployed in Afghanistan, the profile of this company has been raised.  With weapons and weapon systems as diverse as the Ultimax 100, the brilliant SAR-21 Infantry Rifle, the formidable Primus self propelled howitzer and the above mentioned Bionix II and Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicle’s, ST Kinetics seems well placed for the future.

    The website of ST Kinetics:

    For photos of these vehicles go to cyberpioneer, the web publication of the Singapore Armed Forces:

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