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  • French Attack Switzerland
    Posted by Nicholas Fiorenza 12:15 PM on Oct 01, 2013

    The Swiss army held an exercise on 26-28 August whose scenario envisaged a French paramilitary force, the Free Brigade of Dijon, invading Switzerland, French media reported over the weekend. Exercise Duplex Barbara involved Swiss armor countering incursions by the fictional French brigade across the Franco-Swiss border north of Lake Geneva.

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    Swiss army photo by Flavio Ulrich

    The scenario follows logically on last year's Exercise Stabilo Due, which practiced handling a flood of refugees from a Europe plunged into chaos as a result of the collapse of the euro. The scenario for Exercise Duplex Barbara involved forces from the fictional country of Saonia, which has broken away from France after la Grande Nation's financial collapse. The Free Brigade of Dijon seeks to take back money "stolen" by Switzerland to pay Saonia's debts.

    The weekend before the story broke, Switzerland voted in a referendum by a majority of 73.2 per cent against a proposition to end conscription.


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