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  • Germany, Greece Tag Team Against Pirates
    Posted by Robert Wall 12:24 PM on Aug 14, 2009

    It’s hardly been ten days since pirating has been in the news, but it's back, showing that the threat is scarcely abating. The German military reports that one of its Sea Lynx helicopters managed to stop pirates from taking over a Turkish vessel.

    Early today, the F207 Bremen frigate, which is deployed as part of the European Union’s Operation Atalanta, received a call for assistance from a ship flying under Turkish flag. The crew of the MS Elgiznur Cebi was operating in the western part of the Gulf of Aden.


    blog post photo


    [Photo: German Marine]


    Around 8 minutes after first receiving the call for help, the Bremen dispatches on of its Sea Lynx helos. Once on station, the crew saw that six persons were trying to gain access to the Turkish ship. The alleged pirates had ladders onboard their skiff to allow them to board their target. The Sea Lynx fired warning shots, stopping the skiff.

    At that point, a Greek frigate, the HS Narvarinon, which had also responded to the cry for help, arrived and boarded the skiff completing the action to foil the attack.

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