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  • Don't Phone, Don't Tell
    Posted by David A. Fulghum 6:27 PM on Aug 07, 2009

    Future Pentagon rules may supersede the Marine Corps’ ban on social networking sites. The Defense Dept. sets policy for the services and is studying the prohibition.

    “The deputy secretary has ordered this review by the chief information officer,” says spokesman Geoff Morrell. “It will be … the most exhaustive look that we’ve taken at this new phenomenon of social networks [for] a better understanding of the pros and cons.”

    The cons include the fact that the same 18-25 year olds that make up the insurgent and U.S. military forces are the primary users of the medium.

    “There are clearly risks,” he says. “How can we protect ourselves from the cyber threats that may be associated with this. Information is disseminated that shouldn’t be.”

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