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  • F-35 Quieter Than F/A-18A/B?
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:25 AM on Aug 10, 2011

    Operating the F-35A will be quieter than the F/A-18A/B, at least in some modes of flight and with significant changes in the operating profile for the aircraft at RAAF Base Williamtown, the Australian defense ministry says in releasing an updated ANEF -- Australian Noise Exposure Footprint.

    The document (precise details to be found here) says that the operational changes include minimizing afterburner use on takeoff with the F-35, as well as more general use of reduced power settings during departure and arrival. The Sal Ash Air Weapons Range will also be used less and flight profiles are being changes with less flying over heavily populated areas.

    “The modifications to planned flying profiles and updated data from the United States, have allowed [the Australian department of defense] to create a new ANEF which will reduce the number of properties in the Williamtown community that are affected by the ANEF map," says David Feeney, the parliamentary secretary for defense.

    There are, of course, limits to what can be done with operational changes, so note the caveats, including that the F-35A will be less noisy "in some phases of flight: and that "many residents" in the Port Stephens area will experience less noise.

    The RAAF expects almost 7,000 takeoffs and departures of the F-35A at the base per year, according to the planning document, with more than 3,100 touch-and-goes projected.

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