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  • Sagem Launches More Compact Sperwer II Tactical UAV System
    Posted by Joris Janssen Lok 8:11 AM on Jul 07, 2008

    French defense electronics company Sagem Defense Securite used the recent Eurosatory show in Paris to unveil a more compact variant of its Sperwer II tactical UAV system: so compact a full operational system can be airlifted into theater in one single C-130 flight.

    blog post photo
    Sagem Sperwer UAV. All photos: Joris Janssen Lok

    The  in-servioe system takes two trucks to carry the catapult and ground control station (GCS). The new configuration includes a trailer-mounted folding catapult and a new two-operator ground station, installed in a compact shelter (seen below).

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    To highlight what can be achieved with the new set-up, Sagem showed a miniature model display of all the components of the Sperwer II system that can be flown to a forward operating base in one C-130 flight:

    blog post photo


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    The French company also showed a concept based on second-generation remote video terminals, in which troops riding in a convoy can make use of imagery beamed down by a Sperwer UAV over a tactical VHF link to scan the area ahead for ambushes, possible IEDs or other signs of trouble:

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