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  • House GOP Pledges Missile Defense, Border Security, More
    Posted by Michael Bruno 3:22 PM on Sep 23, 2010

    Congressional Republicans– who many political analysts expect will take control of the House after November elections – have issued “A Pledge to America” that they will “provide the resources, authority and support our deployed military requires, fully fund missile defense and enforce sanctions against Iran."

    Domestic border security, too, was identified in the Sept. 23 pledge’s 12-paragraphs of security related provisions (Full PDF here). “Our borders are a vital part of our security, so we will act decisively to ensure that the federal government fulfills its constitutional duty to protect our citizens and our nation, working closely with our state and local governments,” they said.

    House GOP leadership in Washington helped craft the campaign platform after “an unprecedented effort of citizen engagement – the America Speaking Out project – in which Republicans sought the wisdom of the people to aid in the construction of a new governing agenda,” according to an official statement.

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