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  • Tiger On Taliban Prowl
    Posted by Robert Wall 1:34 PM on Jul 27, 2009

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     [Photos: EMA]

    France has now made good on its commitment to deploy more helicopters to support NATO operations in Afghanistan.

    Three French Tiger reconnaissance and attack helicopter are now in Afghanistan, ready to commence combat operations soon. The aircraft belong to the 5th combat helicopter regiment based in Pau.

    A leased An-124 deposited the Eurocopter helos in Kabul where they will complement three EC725 Caracals and 3 Gazelle helos already there.

    France has been boosting its helicopter presence in large part owing to a tragic incident about a year ago when 10 French soldiers died in an ambush. The after action report found that among the shortcomings was a lack of air cover.

    The helos are armed with rockets and a cannon.

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