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  • Delivery of New Russian Attack Sub Postponed for 2012
    Posted by M Pyadushkin 5:11 PM on Dec 02, 2011

    The delivery of the first Yasen class (project 885) multirole attack nuclear powered submarine Severodvinsk to the Russian Navy has slipped for the end of 2012, reported Andrey Dyachkov, CEO of Sevmash facility, cited by RIA Novosti. Previously the sub built at this shipyard was expected to be taken into service by the end of this year.

    According to Dyachkov, the delay is caused by the bad quality of the ship’s subsystem shipped by the suppliers as well as by the need to finish the testing of the missile weapons installed in the sub. “The missile systems were installed on this ship without completing their government acceptance tests”, he explained.

    The Yasen class developed by St Petersburg Malakhit design bureau is a fourth generation sub, reportedly the Russian analogue to the US Seawolf class. It has a length of 120 meters, submersible deadweight of 13,000 tons, speed of 31 knots and an 85-men crew. This sub is designed to strike both surface ships and submarines as well as to attack coastal targets.

    Since September Severodvinsk completed two stages of factory sea trials: one to evaluate the navigation safety while the other was to check the missiles’ shooting readiness. Dyachkov confirmed the sub has already conducted the first pop-up tests of the new Kalibr (SS-N-27) missile and said the manufacturer’s efforts will be now focused on the missiles’ testing. Besides Kalibr, Yasen will carry P-800 Onix (SS-N-26) cruise missiles. “We are in fact conducting government testing of the missile system, not the ship”, he said. These tests will take 180 days at sea and are to be finished at the end of 2012.

    In 2009 Sevmash laid down the first sub of the improved Yasen-M – Kazan although the contract with the Defense Ministry for the ship was signed only this November. Also in November United Shipbuilding Corporation, Sevmash’s parent company, inked another deal with the military for construction of five more Yasen-M subs.

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