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  • Germany Readies Improved Patriot
    Posted by Robert Wall 6:49 AM on Jul 28, 2008

    The German military has taken delivery of an improved Patriot air and missile defense system.

    The air defense group 22 in Penzing (FlaRakGrp 22) now sports software and hardware improvements for its Patriot batteries. One of the main features is improved integration of various Patriot firing units, with improved voice and data communications capabilities. The data network uses internet protocols, according to the German military.

    blog post photo

     (credit: Bundeswehr) 

    Moreover, planners are getting better visibility of the status of different fire units, with the introduction of the so called Tactical Planning Work Station. 

    Development of the upgrade took 18 months, says an MBDA official. A test firing is planned for October to validate system performance. 

    The Patriot enhancement isn’t done, though. Germany is on a track to equipping its air defense units with the PAC-3 missile defense interceptor. Hardware changes to the firing posts are now underway. Only then will the system have full air and missile defense capabilities.

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