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  • The Incredible HULC (Now With Video)
    Posted by Bettina Chavanne 4:48 PM on Feb 27, 2009

    Lockheed Martin has come up with a robotic exoskeleton to help soldiers better shoulder the crushing weight they carry in equipment. The Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) was built under an exclusive licensing agreement with Berkeley Bionics, a company that specializes in exoskeleton technology.

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    According to Lockheed, the HULC will help soldiers carry up to 200 pounds "with minimal effort." It works by transferring weight from heavy loads to the ground via the battery-powered, titanium legs of the lower-body exoskeleton. An onboard micro-computer ensures the exoskeleton moves in concert with the soldier. The HULC's un-tethered hydraulic-powered anthropomorphic exoskeleton allows soldiers to perform a range of motions--deep squats, crawls and upper-body lifting--all with minor exertion, according to Lockheed.

    Video: Lockheed Martin

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