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  • Gates: I'm Looking at Tradeoffs, Balancing the Services
    Posted by Michael Bruno 6:56 PM on Dec 02, 2008

    U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates tells Aviation Week that he is looking for balances and trade-offs among the military services now that he'll be sticking around a while longer.

    In an exclusive interview with AvWeek's Amy Butler, the newly reaffirmed Pentagon chief ponders the potential for the armed services to be balanced between near-peer and counterinsurgency operations - as well as against each other.

    “Are you willing – and here is what could get really hard – do you offset risk by investing more in a future oriented program of one service and less of that in one service,” Gates said.

    The defense secretary is slated to give a 3 p.m. Pentagon press conference today about President-elect Barack Obama's announcement, and Butler and AvWeek's Bettina Chavanne will be covering that as well so stay tuned for more info on Mr. Gates' plans.

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