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  • Photos of British Helicopters in Afghanistan
    Posted by David Hughes 3:20 PM on Sep 18, 2008


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    A British CH47 Chinook drops a load of ammunition at Forward Operating Base Kajaki in Afghanistan, sending dust and gravel flying over the gun position on Sept. 1, 2008.

    The photo below is from the same day showing British Lance Bombardier Felix Kariuki and Australian gun line Section Commander Warrant Officer Class Two Nathan Cole accounting for an ammunition delivery as a British Sea King helicopter takes off from Forward Operating Base Kajaki in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Both are photos from the Australian Ministry of Defense website.

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    I can also recommend a book titled A Million Bullets by James Fergusson (Bantam Press). The book has gripping accounts of combat in patrol houses scattered around Helmand Province in 2006 where British soldiers engaged in some of the most intense fighting since the Falklands War, this time against the Taliban.  These patrol houses in villages depended on RAF Chinooks for resupply and the Chinooks often came under fire.  This may explain why the U.S. military is looking into an all aspect defensive gun system for the Chinook.  The book also muses quite a bit about whether British forces should be in Afghanistan at all and questions whether these forces are accomplishing anything.  The patrol house strategy is pretty thoroughly condemned in the book.

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