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  • Ka-52 Takes To Sea
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:25 AM on Sep 05, 2011

    Using attack helicopters from the sea seems to be in vogue again.

    The concept appeared dormant, but gained new attention in Europe when the French and U.K. moved to deploy the Tiger and Apache helicopters
    on ships to support  military operations in Libya.

    Australia also has plans to deploy its Tiger ARHs from ships.

    Now Russia is joining the mix. The country's military is conducting trials to clear the Ka-52 for shipborne operations, with the Northern Fleet using the Vice Adm. Kulakov for at-sea trials.

    More on Russia's plans for the navalized Ka-52 can be found in this Aviation Week & Space Technology report in the Aug. 15 issue.

    blog post photo

    blog post photo
    (Photos: Russian MOD)

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