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  • Russian Military Continue Massive Re-armament
    Posted by M Pyadushkin 3:05 PM on Jan 26, 2012

    Russia’s Defense Ministry has released information about its weapons procurement in 2011. According to the first deputy minister Alexander Sukhorukov, the ministry has purchased 30 Topol-M (SS-27 Sickle B) and Yars ballistic missiles, 4 military satellites, 21 aircraft, 82 helicopters, one Stereguschiy class corvette, 8,531 military trucks and other military hardware. The total weapons procurement budget for 2011 amounted to 721.2 billion rubles (about $23 billion), including both federal budget money and government-guaranteed loans what was significantly more that in previous years, said the military official.

    He also noted that the defense industry didn’t fulfill 84 contracts with the ministry at a total of 42 billion rubles. This includes the delayed deliveries of one Ivan Gren class large landing ship, USET-80 torpedoes, three Sukhoi Su-27SM fighters, one Su-34 bomber, two Ansat-U light training helicopters and Su-35S multirole fighters.

    The massive re-armament of the Russian armed forces will continue this year. The weapons procurement plan for 2012 was approved by the government on Dec. 23. Under it, the Ministry plans to spend 908.4 billion rubles for new weapons and military equipment. About half of this money will be spent under already signed long-term contracts, explained the deputy minister. He said that in early February the ministry expects to place a number of new large orders including contracts for delivery of Borei class nuclear submarines, S-300V4 (SA-23) long-range air defense missile systems and MiG-29K ship-based fighters.

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