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  • London Embraces QDR Approach
    Posted by Douglas Barrie 12:10 PM on Sep 15, 2009

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    A US-style QDR is on the cards for London, with the British Secretary of State For Defense Bob Ainsworth endorsing the idea, September 15.

    Ainsworth says he favors the introduction of a defense review during the course of each parliament, to better ensure goals are met. Ainsworth, speaking at Kings College in London, says the government would move to set-up a regular review process, though this will almost certainly not occur until after national elections in 2010.

    The government is committed to carrying out a Strategic Defense Review, should it be re-elected, as is the main opposition party, the Conservatives. At present there is no specific timescale for UK defense reviews to be implemented. The last full-blown review was in 1998.

    “Obviously it’s more complicated to have regular defense reviews, but we can find a way of getting over those. Bernard Gray proposed it (regular reviews), and I think it’s a good idea.”

    Gray, a former special adviser to the Defense Ministry, was commissioned by the previous Secretary of State For Defense, John Hutton, to review how defense procurement was carried out. Publication of his critical report has been delayed, although Ainsworth indicated in would be released during the “autumn.”

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