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  • Austrian Eurofighters Get to Put the Foot Down
    Posted by Graham Warwick 2:33 PM on May 11, 2009

    Austria's Eurofighter Typhoon pilots got some interception practice - and the first chance to go supersonic - when they were scrambled to intercept and identify a Russian passenger aircraft in airspace over lower Austria on May 8.

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    Photo: Bundesheer

    The Yak-40 took off from Innsbruck for Moscow as planned, but had not made radio contact by Linz, which constituted a legal breach of Austrian air sovereignty. Air surveillance command gave the alarm and a pair of Typhoons was scrambled from Hinterstoisser AB, near Zelteweg south of Linz.

    The Eurofighters were supersonic for about 3 minutes, says the Austrian defence ministry, and intercepted and identified the Yak-40 close to Vienna, just before it passed into Slovakian airspace. The fighters were airborne for just over 40 minutes.

    Austria received the first of 15 Eurofighters in July 2007, and the aircraft took over the airspace sovereignty mission in July 2008, after Vienna handed back 12 F-5Es leased from Switzerland to bridge the gap between retirement of its Saab Drakens and arrival of new fighters.

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