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  • MDA Targets Sensor Integration
    Posted by Amy Butler 5:19 AM on Aug 05, 2013

    As North Korea and Iran ramp up their programs to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles and, possibly, nuclear payloads, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency is working to better integrate its sensors into a network. 

    The ultimate goal is to have the entire missile defense system -- GMD, Aegis/SM-3, Thaad and PAC-3 -- operate as a single system where one's sensor can direct another's shooter. 

    To get a look at the deployment of MDA's current sensor arsenal, look at Aviation Week's interactive graphic here. 

    Subscribers can check out Aviation Week's special report on this work -- and its potential impact on the design of the future Common Kill Vehicle -- in the Aug. 5/12 double edition.

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